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We are able to ensure the fastest transport possible to your meeting in Poland and Europe, being able to land on any landing site in terrain, on heliports, small airports and unpaved runways.


Do you know how your capital looks like from a bird´s eye view? Or maybe would you like to take a look at other city after the sunset? Panorama flights offered by Husair are the best way to see a completely new face of your town. They are also a perfect idea for a romantic trip for two, at any high, as long as you want and wherever you want.


To organize a private aviation show is now easier than ever. Contact us and make your dream come true. Do you possibly need some effective advertisement for your company? Thanks to the deployment of the air banners will help you to gain new clients.


For this reason, apart from comfortable flight, we offer also:

  • Management of the continuing airworthiness (Polish Civil Aviation Authority Certificate)
  • Management of the clients´ aircraft
  • Ferrying of the aircraft (ferry flights)
  • Consultancy on business aviation
  • Purchasing consultancy, registration and operation of the aircraft
  • Recruitment of the flying and operating personnel
  • Acceptances and commissioning
  • Logistics of spare parts
  • Financing of aircraft purchases
  • Aviation insurances


We offer also consultancy for those who want to purchase or lease an airplane or a helicopter, as well as assistance with customs procedures and when choosing an organization responsible for technical operation part 145 and camo. At HUSAIR, we employ only experienced engineers, graduates of the Technical University of Warsaw and the Military Academy of Technology. We have modern tools in place for aircraft management and operation. Our co-workers have appropriate qualifications and competences in order to manage different type of aircraft.

Using our services will allow you to save time and to be liberated from problems which normally wear down emotionally anybody who is not professionally involved in them.

Our experience makes us capable to help you to reduce costs of management and airworthiness awarding to an aircraft.

We have also experience and skills in the preparation of aircraft management facilitating documentation (CAMO, protection, air operations and technical operation (AMO)).

We constantly enhance the quality of our services by carrying out periodical audits according to the requirements of ISO as well as OPS 3, PART M and PART 145, and by investing in technical personnel training and last software for the management of airplanes and helicopters.


Airport Warsaw - Babice
ul. Księżycowa 3 hangar 11
01-934 Warszawa

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